Monday 25/10/21 – Mindfulness

Learning Goal: I can set a goal.

Today, as a part of our preparation for returning to on site learning  we are going to revisit one of our previous mindfulness activities, The Power of Yet!

Everyone is different and sometimes things feel easy to learn, but sometimes learning can be a challenge! That’s where the power of yet comes in! If there is something you would like to achieve, think about how you can work towards improving. 

Get a piece of paper or a page in your book and write these things down:

First, list one thing that felt easy for you to learn. This could be something that came naturally to you and you don’t remember having to really work at, like walking, talking, riding a bike or catching a ball!

Next, list one thing that was challenging for you to learn, but that you have improved at through practising or getting help. This could be a skill like riding a bike, or something you have worked on at school, like a skip counting pattern.

Then, list one thing that you haven’t quite learnt yet. Think about something that you would like to practise more to get better at, would like to get help with, or that you would like to try for the first time.

Finally, focus on the third thing you wrote down, the thing that you haven’t quite learnt yet. Visualise yourself doing it! How do you imagine yourself getting better at it? Is someone helping you, are you practising regularly? 

Draw yourself achieving this goal. Show how you would feel when you improve!

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