Thursday 28/10/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I can make thoughtful predictions about a text.

First, look at this image of the book cover and make a prediction about what you think this book is about.                                                           When making your prediction look at:

  • The words
  • The title
  • Illustrations
  • Any  text to text, or text to world connections you may already have on what you can see.

Write down: 

I predict this text is about …. because I can see that there is ….

My prior knowledge make me think this story will be all about …. because…

Next, read the book below ‘Big Red Kangaroo’ by Claire Saxby

Then, answer the following questions providing evidence from the text.

  • Who is in Red’s mob?
  • What does Red do to warn the young male kangaroo when he comes close to Red’s mob?
  • Which predator does Red need to be wary of and why?
  • Why does Red challenge the other kangaroo and how does he do this?

Finally, answer the following questions.

  • Was your prediction about the book accurate? Provide evidence from the text.
  • What is something new that you now understand about how kangaroo’s behave?
  • How might this new information change predictions you make in the future?

Don’t forget to do some personal reading for 20 minutes.

Upload to OneNote your prediction and the answers to your questions.

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