Thursday 28/10/21 – Science

Learning Goal: I can conduct an investigation.

First, we know STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

We understand when we work on science investigations we often need other skills such as technology, engineering, art and maths.

For today’s STEAM activities you will need to use think like an engineer.

“Scientists investigate what is; they discover new knowledge in the universe by peering into the unknown. Engineers design and create what has never existed before.”

Next, choose one of the investigations below:

Task PDF
Leaning Tower of Pasta

Have you ever wondered how really tall buildings don’t fall down when wind hits them? Engineers work with architects and scientists to understand what makes materials break, and then use what they learn to design strong structures. Today, you will have the opportunity to figure out how to make a strong structure.

Leaning Tower of Pasta
Invent a Backscratcher

Being able to recognize a problem and design a potential solution is the first step in the creating new and useful products. In this activity, you will create devices to scratch an itch you can’t reach.

Invent a Backscratcher
Static Cling

In this hands-on activity, you will explore the phenomenon of static electricity.

Static Cling

Then, if you are interested, and have time, you might like to do the other investigations.

Finally, don’t forget to record any notes, results, images or understandings onto your OneNote.

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