Thursday 28/10/21 – Writing

Learning Goal:

  • I can retell a story.
  • I can write a story.
  • I can write a script.

Today, while there are three learning goals, you will only need to work on e, depending on the writing response you choose.

First, watch the short film below:

Next, either:

  • Write a retell of the story in the film. A retell is when yotell the story you just watched as if you were telling it to someone who had never seen it.
  • Write story inspired by the film. Use the ideas in the film or your response to the story to come up with your own story.
  • Write a script. Although the film has some music and sounds it has no dialogue. Can you come up with a script of what the dialogue may have been? You don’t need to write a script for the whole story, you may choose a particular scene.

A script contains mainly dialogue and some simple, to the point, sentences describing the actions. The action is normally placed inside of brackets. A script also doesn’t explain emotions, feelings or a character’s reasons for doing something. For example the script when the man first meets the old woman could have looked like this:

       (Man looks down and sees someone holding his arm.)

       Man: Hey, what! What are you doing?

       Old woman: Oh look, it‘s green. Time to go sweetie.

       (Old woman starts to cross the road, pulling the man with her.)

       Man: Hey wait, stop! Let go of me!

       Old woman: We best hurry sweetie, it’s going to turn red soon.

Finally, don’t forget to share what you write with your teacher via OneNote.

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