Suggested Tasks – 23/11/21


Today you will work on independent reading and writing or drawing a response. You should spend about 20-30 minutes reading, and then about 15 minutes on your response. You can go to the Year 3/4 blog to read a text, or choose something of your own to read. When you have finished reading, you need to write down 10 words or phrases from your reading that you think helped to describe the setting, action, mood or feeling of the text!

·       Choose a book from your home collection or read the text on the Year 3/4 blog

·       Log in to Epic – if you need your class code, email your teacher or check with them in WebEx

·       Listen to a story read aloud on Storybox online:, (user name: mppsroccs, password: mpps.


Today your writing task is to describe the way a creature/person moves. We can use strong verbs to do this. For example, instead of using the verb ‘walk’ we could use tiptoe, wander, leap, sprint, soar, stomp, trudge, etc. Strong verbs are more specific and give a feeling, and can be used with all your other descriptive writing skills. Here is an example for describing dog running and catching something:


“The furry beast charged towards its prey. Its feet pounded loudly on the ground with each step closer. Its wet, black nose sniffed the air as it gnarled its teeth and let out a ferocious bark. Its eyes glared across the yard, watching its target before leaping and clenching its jaw around the object. A squeak could be heard as the delighted pup pranced back to the boy, proudly showing him the rubber toy that the pet dog had fetched so well.”


Now… choose an animal, mythical creature, or person. Picture them moving or doing a particular action. Describe it in detail – like the example.


Today for maths it is time to practise interpreting data and creating your own column graph! We have supplied you with the data, so you will need to use this to create your own column graph.


First, carefully review the “Cloud Graphing” data in the image below and read the instructions carefully.

Next, using the data, create a column graph ensuring you have the following information included

·       Title of your graph

·       Label for the Y axis and a clear, even scale starting from zero

·       Label for the X axis and a clear name for each cloud category

·       Space before between each column and before your first category

Finally, take a picture and email to your teacher.

Cloud Graphing Data Cloud Graphing Data

Then, when you have completed this task, log onto Mathletics to complete at least two more assigned tasks found under “SP Data”. If you do not have your Mathletics log on please contact your classroom teacher.

You might want to try these website games to remind yourself about collecting and representing data: 


(The fish tank is trickier than you think!)


Remember, it’s always a good idea to practise our skip counting patterns and multiplication facts!

Choose the pattern you are working on, and how you would like to practise.

  • Whisper count – count the ‘in between’ numbers in a whisper and then say the pattern number out loud (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9etc)
  • Use an online interactive 100 grid or number line to practise the pattern:
  • Set a timer and write out the pattern. See how far you can get in one minute then aim to beat your own score.
  • Sing the pattern to a fun tune and make up actions
  • Find a counting song (there are many available online) that you like and put it on and sing along to practise
  • Draw an array with rows of the pattern number and write the counting pattern down the side of each row

You might want to try this website to practice your skip counting pattern:

Or practice multiplication facts here:



Remember that you can always go and visit for lots of ideas for activities that we did during remote and flexible learning. You can also visit some of our other school blogs for ideas:

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