Term 2 Week 3: Science (Forces) L2

This week in science we will be conducting the first in a series of experiments on forces. If you would like to continue to experiment at home watch the following film clip and follow the steps below.

Lesson Goal: I can investigate and explain how objects move.

Application: Depending on what materials you have at home try one, or more, of the following experiments listed below. click on the title to download a pdf with the experiment and list of materials.

You can use the following work sheet to record your experiment, or simply write onto a sheet of spare paper:

scientific method recording sheet_Movement, Direction, Shape

Before experimenting record on your worksheet:

  • Hypothesis: I think this will happen because…
  • Briefly record what the experiment is.

After conducting the experiment record:

  • Results: I observed… I recorded…

After the experiment record:

  • Conclusion: I predicted… I observed… This is because…

New Information:
Watch the following clips:

Read the following:

Goal Reflection:
Go back to the notes you took from the experiments and the new information you gained and complete the following:
I understand force is ……….
I observed this in the experiment where ……….
This happened because ……….

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