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Reading – Tuesday 01/6/2021

(press play to hear today’s lesson explained to you)

Goal: I can identify the author’s purpose.

First, read the text “A funny thing happened on the way to school”

Next, identify what the author’s purpose is by using the information below:

Finally,  write down in your exercise book what the author’s purpose is.

You may want to think of a funny/silly excuse for being late for school, THEN draw your original imagined excuse for being late for school.

After you have completed this activity, do some independent reading with your JRB and record your thinking as you go.

Writing – Tuesday 01/06/21

Goal: I can write a persuasive letter.

In class we have been producing persuasive texts. Today you will write a persuasive letter to a leprechaun who has the power to grant you three wishes.

First, think about if you had three wishes, what would you wish for and record them.

Next, write a letter to a leprechaun explaining why you think he/she should grant you each of your wishes.

Finally, edit and revise  your work!  

Remember, don’t forget the following;

  • Start your letter by introducing yourself
  • Use a new paragraph to explain each wish and why you think it is a good wish.
  • Finish your letter with a simple conclusion.


Three wishes letter example

Maths – Tuesday 01/06/21

Goal: I can count objects in my home

Today you are going to find out about the things in your house and do some counting.

The table below shows different items or objects that you might find in your house.

Your job today is to count how many of each you can find and record it in a table.

First, draw up a table in your book like this:

Next, go around your house and count how many of each object you can find. Record it in the table.

Finally, answer the following questions in your book:

  • Which object did you have the most of?
  • Which did you have the least of?

As a challenge… if you like, you may want to try answering these questions too!

You might need to use some addition strategies to work out the answers.

  • How many spoons and forks are in your house altogether?
  • How many windows and doors altogether?
  • I have 18 forks in my house. How many forks would we have if we add your forks and my forks together?
  • Which do you have more of, pillows/cushions or chairs/seats? Can you work out how many more?
  • If 4 light switches in your house stopped working, how many would you still have that do work?

Remember to write your work neatly in your maths book. If you want to, you can take a picture of your work and send it to your teacher!

STEAM Fun – Tuesday 01/06/21

Today you will be coming up with your own design for your perfect treehouse. If you get a chance, go outside or go for a walk and look up into the treetops for inspiration!

First… watch the video to hear the story “Everything You Need For A Treehouse”

Next… draw a detailed design of your own dream treehouse.


  • Features
  • Materials that it would be made out of
  • How will people get in and out
  • Are there moving parts?
  • What makes it special

Then… see if you can make a simple model using things you have at home!

You could use:

  • Sticks, leaves or other things from your yard (or that you find on a walk)
  • Craft materials like paper, straws, pipecleaners
  • Building toys, like Lego or other blocks.

Here are some examples below:

Good Morning

Hi 3/4s, we will have learning tasks for you here each day. Scroll down below to see today’s lessons.


  • 9:00am – 10:00am – All students are to join their class Webex meeting.
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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

  • All students are to join their small group Webex meeting. If you can’t join the group at that time, please let your teacher know!
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  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm – Your teacher’s Webex room will be open if you want to pop in to ask a question or have a chat!

Once you’ve finished your lessons you may want to check out:

Friday Fun Day!

Hi 3/4s!

Welcome to the Year 3/4 blog. This is where you will find your learning tasks each day while we are in remote and flexible learning.

Well today your task is this… have a fun Friday!

There is no school work for students today. We encourage you to spend this day doing something fun or relaxing. Think of ways that you can show care to your family today.

We will have learning tasks for you here on Monday. Your grown ups will be sent all of the information about Webex times, and learning activities on Friday afternoon.

We miss you and can’t wait to see you all on Webex next week!