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Monday 11/10/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I can write descriptive sentences.

First, choose a villain from a book you have read or one that you are familiar with.


Next, write about their appearance using descriptive sentences.

Here are some prompts to helps you:

  • How tall is s/he?
  • How old is s/he?
  • What does s/he look like?
  • What was s/he wearing? 


Then, think about your villain’s crime (or inappropriate behaviour). Write some sentences about the crime (or inappropriate behaviour) including adverbs and verbs.

Teacher note for audio: Verbs are actions words and adverbs that tell us how the action was happening.

For example. Verb: jumping. Adverb: quickly

If you are not sure what this means or you’d like to refresh your memory watch the following video :

Microsoft Stream


Finally, create a ‘Wanted’ poster or download the template below and fill it out with your information. 

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Don’t forget to take pride in your work and colour in your picture.

Challenge: post the description you have written in the comments below (without revealing your character’s name) to see if anyone in 3/4 can guess your villain! 

Thursday 07/10/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I can connect with the texts I read.

First, think about the types of connections you know about?  Or watch the video below to refresh your memory.

Microsoft Stream


Next, read ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket

Microsoft Stream

Then, write as many connections that you can think of.

Finally, reply to this post with one of your connections.

Don’t forget to do 30 minutes of reading using your JRB.

Challenge: Have you read any other books where the character is scared of something?

Type the book and author in the post below.

Thursday 07/10/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I understand the features of a horror story.

First, watch the video below and learn about the features of a horror story:

Microsoft Stream

Next, think of a time when you have felt scared.

Then, use the 5 senses to describe your story/event.

Finally, see if you can find music to match your story to help it create a sense of fear.

Don’t forget to plan which of the five senses you are going to use for today’s lesson.

Challenge: create a Powerpoint with music and narration of your horror story or event.

Thursday 06/10/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can use division strategies to solve problems.

First, revisit the division strategies by clicking on the link below:

Next, work through 3 division problems from the grid below. See if you can complete a diagonal or vertical row in the chart (just like a game of Tic Tac toe or Naughts and crosses) or if you think that is too easy, see if you can complete them all!!

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Then, practise your skip counting for 2 minutes.

Finally, Create a division problems chart using your own division problems in your exercise book or directly into OneNote.

Challenge: Where possible do the inverse operation (multiplication) to check your answer.

Thursday 16/09/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I understand how the indigenous communities hunted.

First, watch the video below on the indigenous hunting tools.

Microsoft Stream


Next, draw the table below in your exercise book.




Then, list all the features of the hunting tools from the video.

Finally, reply to this post by telling me which one of these tools you think was the most efficient and justify your answer by explaining your thinking.

Challenge: find out more about Aboriginal Culture by visiting

Thursday 16/09/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can use units of measurement accurately.

First, see if you can list all the equipment used by these Olympians in the pictures below:

Next,  read about the recent record below:

A recent Olympic record for throwing the Javelin was about 95 (child) strides, for throwing the shot put it was 76 (child) strides and finally for throwing the discus it was about 82 (child) strides.


Then, think about what units of measurement you could use to give an accurate measurement for those records.

After that, estimate each of the records using formal units of measurement

Informal units

Estimate using formal units of measurement

Accurate measurement


95 strides

Shot put

76 strides


82 strides

Finally, use a measuring tool of your choice, measure the accuracy of each Olympian’s throw.

Don’t forget, you can watch the video below to remind yourself about units of measurements:



Challenge: use your slingshot and see if you can set a new record.  Post the distance of your sock throw in the post below.