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Tuesday 12/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can be creative with words.

Your challenge for today is to make a song or rap about your favourite thing in your life. If music isn’t your thing maybe you can write a script or a short poem and find a creative way to read it to your family.

First, spend some time thinking about a topic for your song or rap. It could be something which really interests or excites you. It could be about something or someone you really care for. The subject is up to you.

Next, begin creating. There are lots of ways to write a song or rap. You could start by just singing, whatever comes out of your mouth. You could start by just humming or whistling, maybe you have a tune in your head just waiting for some words. You could start by jotting down random words or phrases, again, don’t over think it, just whatever pops into your head.

Now, start to put it all together.

Finally, you might want to record your rap or song. You might want to add a dance and film it! Also, don’t forget to share with your teacher via OneNote.

Monday 11/10/21 – Creative Challenge


Learning Goal: I can turn waste into art.

Your challenge for today is to make a recycled art sculpture.

First, spend some time wandering around your house looking for scrap cardboard, used egg cartons, old plastic cups, broken toys, costume jewelry, any piece of waste or used materials that take you eye.

Next, spend some time arranging what you have collected in an interesting way.

Now, come up with a plan for your final sculpture, and then create your master recycled art piece.

Finally, don’t forget to share your picture with your teacher via OneNote.

Thursday 07/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can design a new invention.

Your challenge for today is to design a new invention.

First, think of think of something you think the world really needs right now. It could be a machine that makes some aspect of today’s life easier, or just some that is used for fun.

Next, draw a detailed labelled diagram of your invention.

Then, you may want to build a prototype, or model, of your invention. A prototype doesn’t have to work, it just needs to show what your invention may look like.

Before you start, think about what your invention could do. I’d like a device that will turn red apples into green apples. I prefer green apples. How about a machine that will fold your socks, or one that washes your dog. Or maybe you just want to build a time machine.

Finally, don’t forget to share a picture of your creation with your teacher via OneNote



Wednesday 06/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can create an art show.

Your challenge for today is to create an art show.

First, collect all the various drawings, paintings or constructions you may have made over recent weeks.

Now, if you don’t have a lot of work to display you may want to take some time to create some more, or you may ask other members of your family if they have any they would like to contribute to a family art show.

Next, come up with a way you can display these for your family. Create your own gallery displaying your art and creations.

Finally, don’t forget to share a picture of your art show with your teacher via OneNote

Tuesday 05/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can be inspired by nature. 

Your challenge for today is to collect some things from your surroundings and to draw them.

First, you can:

  • Collect some things from nature while you take a walk, or from your backyard.
  • Spend some time wandering around your house looking for something unique, different or challenging. It could be one thing or a collection of things.

Now, take some time to arrange what you have collect in an interesting way.

Next, draw or paint what you see. You may want to incorporate what you collect into your drawing or, if drawing isn’t your thing, you may want to use them in a sculpture.

Finally, don’t forget to share your picture with your teacher via OneNote.

Monday 04/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can design and construct an alien spaceship.

First, think of space, think about the far reaches of outer space. What might be there? Who might be there? How might they get about? It’s all a big mystery!

Your challenge for today is to unwrap that mystery and design and construct your vision of an alien spaceship.

Next, you can either come up with a design and then find the materials, or you can find the materials and then come up with a design. Which approach suits you?

Before you start, check out the images below for some inspiration. Your alien spaceship may be big, it may be small. It may be edible, it may be wearable. We are curious to see what you come up with.

Finally, don’t forget to share a picture of your creation with your teacher via OneNote

Monday 13/09/21 – Survivor Creative Challenge 1

Survivor Challenge No. 1: Design and build your own tribal mascot!

Using your design a mascot profile, you will be drawing an image and designing your tribal mascot, so that they can be voted on tomorrow in our 9am class meeting. This mascot will identify our class on Friday as your teachers compete against each other in a battle of wits, strength and silliness! 

First, read or listen to the information below, 

Next, using your Design a Survivor Mascot from writing, create an image and model of your Mascot. You might use the attached template to prompt your thinking, use an online drawing or editing tool or draw on large poster paper if you have any.  

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Mascot Design

Then, start creating! Use your Mascot Profile, think about the following things; 

  • Will your mascot be cartoon style or more realistic? 
  • What expression will your mascot have in its face? 
  • Will your mascot wear clothes, a cape, or hold a shield, a sword, a pen, a thinking cap? 
  • What qualities will you try to display in your image, power, strength, intelligence or resilience? 

Finally, add colour and details and make sure your name and class are clearly displayed on your image. 

Challenge: once you have an image of your mascot, you might like to try and create your mascot out of recycled materials, here is some inspiration to get you thinking! 

Don’t forget to upload an image to OneNote or be ready to share in our Tuesday 9am whole-class meeting, where we will be voting on the mascot that will represent our class in Friday’s ULTIMATE SURVIVOR CHALLENGE!


Friday 10/09/21 – Creative Challenge

First, today has been all about music and sound. Now let’s build our own instruments and start a band!

Next, pick an instrument from the list below and build it. You may choice to make more than one.

  • Straw Flute, Drums, A Guitar, The glass xylophone from the science lesson, A Rhythmic Shaker , A Click Clack, Maracas, Those cool banjos you made, Whatever those metal things with the rubber bands and booby pins are …

You may choose to make them all! These pictures are for inspiration, you may want to design your own.

Thenpick your favourite song, or make up your own, and play along. You might want to dress up and even come up with a dance to go along with it.

Finally, don’t forget to share on OneNote any pictures, videos or sound recordings you may create.

Challenge: Plan a Dance Party for your family for tonight (or maybe tomorrow as it is the weekend). Dress up, put some music on and have a dance around the house. You might like to play some of your instruments as well.

Thursday 09.09.21 Creative Activity

Creative Challenge: I can create a fitness circuit or challenge. 

First, look at the following exercises that you might want to include in your circuit.

  • Push ups
  • Sit ups
  • Squats
  • Squat jumps
  • Lunges
  • Jogging on the spot
  • Step ups
  • Mountain climbers
  • Stair climbs
  • 20m sprints
  • Frog jumps
  • Skipping with a rope

Next, draw the following table into your book. Decide which exercises that you are going to do. A suggestion is to complete each exercise for 30 seconds before changing. 

Thencomplete your activities. If you feel like that was too easy, see if you can repeat your fitness circuit 3 times. 

Finally, think about how you feel after you finished your exercise. Do you feel better? Energised? Happy? Write down in your book how you feel. 

Wednesday 08/09/21 – Creative Challenge

Today you will be designing your pet’s dream home! 

What do you think your (real or imaginary) pet’s dream home would be? Would it be a majestic crystal doggy palace with endless bowls of treats? A cozy, cushioned, cat tower where they could look down on their slaves (humans), or a an endless ocean full of seaweed and slugs?  

Learning Goal: I can design my pet’s dream home. 

First, listen to or read the information below, 

Next, think about your pet, how do they spend their days, sleeping and cuddling or being active and cheeky? 

Thenafter you have thought about what would best suit your pet, draw a design for their dream home! Here is some inspiration…

Finally, label your pet’s dream home with all of its important features! 

Challenge: once you have designed the house, you might like to write a procedural text about how to build their dream home, or construct a model out of recycled materials. Think about the materials, equipment and process you will need to explain in detail.

Work to upload to OneNote: Dream home design