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Term 2 Week 3: Science (Forces) L2

This week in science we will be conducting the first in a series of experiments on forces. If you would like to continue to experiment at home watch the following film clip and follow the steps below.

Lesson Goal: I can investigate and explain how objects move.

Application: Depending on what materials you have at home try one, or more, of the following experiments listed below. click on the title to download a pdf with the experiment and list of materials.

You can use the following work sheet to record your experiment, or simply write onto a sheet of spare paper:

scientific method recording sheet_Movement, Direction, Shape

Before experimenting record on your worksheet:

  • Hypothesis: I think this will happen because…
  • Briefly record what the experiment is.

After conducting the experiment record:

  • Results: I observed… I recorded…

After the experiment record:

  • Conclusion: I predicted… I observed… This is because…

New Information:
Watch the following clips:

Read the following:

Goal Reflection:
Go back to the notes you took from the experiments and the new information you gained and complete the following:
I understand force is ……….
I observed this in the experiment where ……….
This happened because ……….

Tuesday 27/07/2021 – Integrated

Goal: I can read a story of migration and share any connections I make.

Today, you will be reading a migration storyanswering questions about the text and noting any connections you have to the story.

First, when you meet in your morning small group, you teacher will explain to you which activity you will do.

Next, click on the link to your activity:

Then, read your selected activity and complete the task.