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Tuesday 14/09/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I can write a procedural text.

In reading today you learned how the Uros people of Peru build floating homes using mud and reeds.

You are going to write a procedural text of how you would create a shelter! Think about the examples you saw this morning in the video about the creative challenge, as well as what materials you have at home that you could use.

First, make a list of what materials you will use (blankets, cushions, chairs, cardboard boxes).

Next, describe the method you will use to build your shelter (e.g. Step 1, position the chairs near the couch. Step 2, lay the sheet over the chairs and couch..)

You can use this template as a guide, or download it to print and fill it out:

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Then, draw a picture of your shelter and colour it in. You might also like to label the features of your shelter.

Finally, re-read and edit your work.

Challenge: If you want to keep writing today, here is an idea. Write a short narrative, or fictional diary entry, written about someone who is lost on a desert island, and who has to build their own shelter to survive!

Monday 13/09/21 – Welcome to the year 3/4 2021 ULTIMATE SURVIVOR CHALLENGE!

Monday Survivor Welcome and Challenge 1

Good morning and welcome year 3/4’s!

Welcome to week 10, term 3 and the chance for your class to become the MPPS Year 3/4 2021 ULTIMATE SURVIVOR! 

Here, you will have the opportunity to complete daily survivor challenges and on Friday, watch as your teachers compete to represent your class in a series of silly, possibly gross and definitely tough challenges!

Each day, please undertake the following ;

  1. Watch the daily introductory video to understand your daily SURVIVOR CHALLENGE! 
  2. Complete your SURVIVOR (and other!) learning activities each day
  3. Make sure you have your Survivor challenge completed in time for the next days 9am whole class meeting  to vote for the daily reward winner!

Today, you will be completing the create a mascot challenge for voting on Tuesday at 9am!

This morning, as we meet at 9am we will also need to decide on a tribe name and tribe colour!

As an added incentive, once per day this immunity idol image will appear somewhere on our daily blog, if you can track where it appears each day and email your class teacher with all five appearances, you will be in the running for an additional reward….

Good luck 3/4’s and remember…

To win, you must survive the island, survive the vote, and, ultimately survive each other.”  


Monday 13/09/21 – Survivor Creative Challenge 1

Survivor Challenge No. 1: Design and build your own tribal mascot!

Using your design a mascot profile, you will be drawing an image and designing your tribal mascot, so that they can be voted on tomorrow in our 9am class meeting. This mascot will identify our class on Friday as your teachers compete against each other in a battle of wits, strength and silliness! 

First, read or listen to the information below, 

Next, using your Design a Survivor Mascot from writing, create an image and model of your Mascot. You might use the attached template to prompt your thinking, use an online drawing or editing tool or draw on large poster paper if you have any.  

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Mascot Design

Then, start creating! Use your Mascot Profile, think about the following things; 

  • Will your mascot be cartoon style or more realistic? 
  • What expression will your mascot have in its face? 
  • Will your mascot wear clothes, a cape, or hold a shield, a sword, a pen, a thinking cap? 
  • What qualities will you try to display in your image, power, strength, intelligence or resilience? 

Finally, add colour and details and make sure your name and class are clearly displayed on your image. 

Challenge: once you have an image of your mascot, you might like to try and create your mascot out of recycled materials, here is some inspiration to get you thinking! 

Don’t forget to upload an image to OneNote or be ready to share in our Tuesday 9am whole-class meeting, where we will be voting on the mascot that will represent our class in Friday’s ULTIMATE SURVIVOR CHALLENGE!


Monday 13/09/21 – Reading

Today, we are going to reading all about mascots! mascot is any human, animal, or object thought to bring luck, or used to represent a group with a common relationship or identity such as SURVIVOR TRIBE! Today you will be reading about the history and purpose of mascots! 

Did you know, the word ‘mascot’ originates from around 1880 from the French term ‘mascotte’ which means lucky charm. This was used to describe anything that brought luck to a household. Over time they have evolved to become animals. 

Learning Goal: I can read a text and answer comprehension questions. 

First, read or listen to the information below, 

Next, read the History of Mascots 

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Then, answer the following questions; 

  • Where does the term Mascot originate from? 
  • Why did sports clubs start to use animals at their games? 
  • What type of real animals were first used at sports games and why? 
  • What was the name of one of the first real-life animal mascots? 
  • What 1960’s television characters changed the use of real animals to three dimensional puppets? 

Finally, you might like to research the mascot of your favourite sports team or an Olympic mascot and record a paragraph about why they chose this mascot.   

 Don’t forget to upload your work to OneNote. 

Monday 13/09/21 – Writing

Continuing in our survivor theme, as each classroom is a community and will form a tribe, it is very important that each class has a mascot which represents you and your qualities. Mascots are often animals, with the animal’s characteristics representing the tribe or community. 

For example a rabbit is quick and powerful despite their size. 

Today, you will be creating a mascot profile which you will need for our creative survivor reward task this afternoon! 

Learning Goal: I can create and complete a mascot character profile. 

First, Read or listen to the information below, 

Next, using the suggested template provided or drawing up a page in your book, begin creating your mascot profile. 

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You will need to think about answering the following; 

  • What will you name your character? 
  • Choose the right character, will it be human, animal or an object? 
  • Create the characteristics and personality of the character for example an Eagle is considered to  be ‘The King or Queen of the Skies’ and is thought to represent courage, strength and immortality
  • What costumes, poses, emotions or catch-phrases will they display? 

Then, complete your mascot profile, including as much detail as you can! 

Finally, if you need some inspiration we have included some Australian animal profiles which might explain characteristics and qualities you might like to include in your mascot. 

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Don’t forget to upload your work to OneNote!  

Survivor Mascot Character Profile Animal Fact Sheets

Monday 13/09/21 – Maths

Today, you will be creating a map of your tribal camp and hiding an immunity necklace somewhere in the Survivor camp! 

Learning Goal: I can create a map of my tribal camp site and use grid references to hide an immunity idol. 

First, read or listen to the information below, 

Next, in your maths grid book, draw up a map grid similar to this one making sure your number reference is on the left hand side and mark key features on the map using your grid references. Now remember, yours will look a little different as you include tribal camp items. 

For example;


  • C,3 Crocodile Nesting Ground 
  • J,7  Fresh drinking water well 
  • H,8 Tribal Camp   

Then, using your map grid, select a location to hide an immunity necklace for a tribal team-mate to locate. 

Finally, write clear step-by-step instructions for a team mate to locate this immunity necklace using your map grid references. 

For example; 

  • Enter our tribal camp at N,1 
  • Walk six paces and arrive at N,7
  • Turn to your left. Walk 3 paces until you arrive at J,7
  • Reach under the lip on the left hand side of the well until you feel a leather pouch
  • Grab the pouch and run! That’s the immunity idol you will need to survive the vote! 

Challenge: using the code generator below, try to write your instructions using code! 

For example; 

  • 4,13,10,4,17  10,24,4  11,14,5,15 (Enter the camp) 

Monday 13/09/21 – Mindfulness

Today, we will be practicing a simple mindful breathing activity focusing on colours

Learning Goal: I can practice mindful breathing. 

First, listen to, or read the information below, 

Next, find a quiet and relaxing space indoors or outdoors to start your mindfulness practice, 

Then, think of a relaxing colour and another colour that represents anger, frustration, or sadness. Now, close your eyes and imagine you are breathing in the relaxing colour and letting it fill your entire body. On the exhale, picture the “negative” colour leaving your body and floating away.

Finally, after you have completed at least 10 breaths sit quietly and count backwards from 20 to zero before slowly opening your eyes and continuing with your day. 



Microsoft Stream

Welcome 3/4s. This week you’ve been able to explore some topics that your teachers are passionate about. On Monday, Nicole talked about amazing and unique world records. Tuesday, Zoe took you on a journey through space. Wednesday, Meredith shared her joy of pets and animals, while yesterday Matt’s focus was on health and fitness.

Today I want to share with you one of my main passions, music. So turn the volume up to 11 and enjoy today’s lessons!

Friday 10/09/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I can share my questions and connections to a picture story book.

First,  when reading, you often stop and think. As readers we continually make connections:

  • Hey, that happened to me before.
  • That’s like that other book when …

And ask ourselves questions:

  • How come …?
  • Why did …?
  • Where is …?

Next,  watch the video of the picture book ‘Musical Markus’ by Fiona HarrisYou might want to pause the story occasionally to record your questions and connections. You will be using these once you have finished the book.

Then, you are going to write a paragraph sharing your connections and questionsYou might like to also draw a picture of your favourite part. To get you started you can use some of the sentence starters below:

  • This made me think of….
  • A part that didn’t make sense was …
  • I think ___ will happen next.
  • I reread that part because …
  • I was confused by …
  • I think the most important part was …
  • What I found interesting was _______ because …
  • I wonder why …
  • This made me think of …
  • I can connect with this because …

Don’t forget to re-read and edit what you have written.

Finally, do 20 minutes of independent reading or read your book club book. Set a timer to keep yourself on track.

Remember to upload your work to OneNote (you can even type your responses directly into OneNote)

Friday 10/09/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I can write about my passion.

First, listen to Violet’s Music‘ by Angela Johnson.

Microsoft Stream

Next, think about Violet trying to share her passion. What is something you are really passionate about? Do you like to play music, paint, dance or put on plays? Is sport your thing? Do you like inventing new games? Are you passionate are learning new things? Learning about dinosaurs, coding, history or cooking?

Then, think of a creative way to convince others to explore the thing you are most passionate about. You might want to write a song about the joy of music, design a poster about how drawing is, film yourself demonstrating the joy of cooking or create a PowerPoint on some amazing animal.

Finally, don’t forget to spend some time planning your written piece. Whether it is a PowerPoint, song, play, poster or speech all writing benefits from  thoughtful planning.

Remember to upload your work to OneNote