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Friday 08/10/21 – Writing

Learning Goal: I know different ways to plan my writing

Today you will be spending time on your personal writing! Personal writing is a time to practise your writing skills and techniques, while working on a piece of writing of your choice! It could be fiction or non-fiction, and any genre you can think of!

An important part of writing, is making a plan to guide and organise your ideas. Now we know that this is a step that students often skip over, or don’t feel that excited about! Watch the video to hear about some different ways to plan and how to make planning part of the process that works for you!

First, watch the video to learn about planning writing:

Next, create a quick plan for what you will work on today.

If you are starting a new piece of writing, this is the time to jot down your key thoughts and ideas – remember that your ideas are precious and we don’t want to lose them!

If you are continuing with a piece of writing that you have already been working on, this is the time to:

  • Reread what you have written
  • Look back over your original plan – is there anything you want to come back to or revise?
  • Set yourself a goal for today and what you want to add to this piece of writing in this session. For example, do you want to add in some more character or setting description? Are you going to aim to finish drafting the build up today?

Then, spend a minimum of 30 minutes writing! Think about any writing goals that you could focus on to help improve your writing.

If you are unsure what to write about today, you can use the story spinner to give you an idea:

Finally, reread what you have written today.

  • Is there anything you want to add or change?
  • Is there any editing you need to do (punctuation, spelling, capital letters)?

Make a note for yourself on your page if there is something you want to remember for when you next work on your personal writing!

Upload your work to OneNote: If you would like a conference or some specific feedback on this piece of writing, type a message for your teacher next to your work when you upload it.

Friday 08/10/21 – Friday Fun!!!

At the end of a busy week of work, it is time for Friday Fun!

Friday Fun about using all your skills, ideas and creative thinking in an enjoyable way. It is a great time to explore new interests or have fun with favourite activities.

We have a suggested activity for you below, but we also know that sometimes you might not have the right materials available, or you may be feeling inspired to create something different. Use your imagination and go for it!

Here are some guidelines for Friday Fun:

  • Avoid screens: you have had so much time all week working online, and we know many of you play games on devices in your free time as well. Friday Fun is a chance to get offline and into the real world.
  • Use what you have: you might have the items for the suggested activity, or adapt or change it based on what you’ve got at home. You might have some other things at home that you have been excited to use (a new lego set, some water colour paints, a fantastic cardboard box that you could turn into anything).
  • You might like to create alone or collaboratively: sometimes it’s nice to take some time to just work on something on your own, and other times you might want to ask a family member to join you. You might even like to connect with a friend, classmate or relative virtually – have them on screen nearby while you work on something off the screen.
  • Have fun: this is a great time to focus on things that you enjoy!

Your teachers would love to see a picture of what you create in OneNote!

Here is today’s suggested Friday Fun activity:

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Morning 3/4s. How did  your fantasy stories go yesterday?

Today we continue our focus on different types of narratives and you’ll be looking at adventure stories.

A reminder, please make sure you have finished reading your Book Club book by Friday.

Today you have:

Make sure you upload your reading, writing and maths to OneNote. You can also add other images and work from the other lessons. If you don’t know how read the instructions on this blog page, or check with your teacher.

Enjoy Your Day GIFs | Tenor

Survivor Week Finale

Congratulations to Stef for winning the ultimate survivor challenges this morning on behalf of 3/4E.

Congratulation also to Zoe, Lee, Matt and Meredith for competing in some crazy challenges. Remember students, these challenges were done by adults who made sure they were doing it safely, and you should not attempt to recreate them at home! You can see each class’s mascot, shelter and see the tally for who has located the immunity idols here: Survivor Results 2021

Thanks to Stef Modesti for being our judge.

Well done to all students, families and school staff for being the ultimate survivors of a very busy and unpredictable term 3!

You should all be so proud of yourselves and we hope you enjoy your holidays! Don’t forget to look at the activities posts for today, and it would be great to see you back in your class Webex at 12:00 to celebrate the end of term!

Tuesday 14/09/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can name angles.

For a shelter to be made it needs to be at the correct angle. Today in maths we are going to think about what angles are in these shelters.

First, look at the different angles here.

Year 7 Types Of Angles - Lessons - Blendspace

In the example below, you can see the angles that have been found in this shelter.

Next, Your task will be to look at some pictures of shelters and write down the types of angles you see.

Here is an example:

Then, choose at least 2 of the shelters below. For each one, count and record the number of each angle that you can find. You can see the pictures below, or download the pdf here: shelters – find the angles

Challenge: write down the angles that are on the shelter you designed in writing.

Tuesday 14/09/21 – Mindfulness

After all that hard work building a shelter, you deserve a rest, and to enjoy the quiet sounds of nature while relaxing inside your shelter.

Learning Goal: I can practice mindful listening.

First, lie down and get comfortable.

Next, play the video to listen to some Nature Sounds

Then, close your eyes, and put all your attention on listening to the different sounds outside in nature.

Finally, notice how you feel.

Friday 03/09/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can compare the weight of different objects.

Your task today is to compare the weight of one object to the weight of a group of objects. For example how many socks would I need to match the weight of one shoe?

First, you will need to create your own scale to compare the different items. To do so you will need to collect these objects from around the house.

  • Coat hanger
  • Several pieces of string/ribbon
  • You will also need two containers to place your objects in. These could be plastic or paper cups, bowls or bags.

Next, make your home-made scale. Use the string to attach a container to either side of the coat hanger. You can find a doorknob to hang it on or simply hold it.

Next, draw this table up in your book to record your investigation.

Then, choose 1 object and a group of other objects, and estimate how many it takes to make the first one. You will then place the objects into the containers.

Finally, complete 5 different rounds, weighing different objects. You can choose the objects I have suggested, or find some of your own.


  • Try to construct a more elaborate set of scales, for example:
  • Ask an adult if you can use the kitchen or bathroom scales and do this exercise using exact measurements. For example, if a carrot weighs 65 grams and a Lego block weighs 5 grams, how many Lego blocks in a carrot?

Work sample to upload to OneNote: photos of scales and table

Tuesday 31/08/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can practise division strategies

First, practise your skip counting patterns. Spend 5 minutes on your skip counting patterns goal.

Then, Click on the PDF to practise the strategy that you have been working on with your teacher in your small group session. 

Remember, if you are finding the strategy a bit challenging or confusing, you might want to go back to one that is a little easier for you. If you found them to be very easy, you might look at the next strategy and give that one a go – make sure to watch the video first!

Finally, make sure you have completed your Mathletics tasks for the week.