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Friday 27/08/21 – Creative challenge

First… watch the video to hear the story “Everything You Need For A Treehouse”

Next… draw a detailed design of your own dream treehouse.


  • Features
  • Materials that it would be made out of
  • How will people get in and out
  • Are there moving parts?
  • What makes it special

Then… see if you can make a simple model using things you have at home!

You could use:

  • Sticks, leaves or other things from your yard (or that you find on a walk)
  • Craft materials like paper, straws, pipecleaners
  • Building toys, like Lego or other blocks.

Here are some examples below:

Wednesday 25/08/21 – Maths

Learning Goal: I can practise division strategies

Before you begin your division practise today, start with some counting practise!

First,  choose three skip counting patterns (e.g. 3s, 4s and 6s) and practise each of them for 1 minute.

Next, click on the link below to practise the strategy that you have been working on with your teacher in your small group session.

Remember, if you are finding the strategy a bit challenging or confusing, you might want to go back to one that is a little easier for you. If you found them to be very easy, you might look at the next strategy and give that one a go – make sure to watch the video first!

Don’t forget to upload a photo of your work to OneNote.

Wednesday 25/08/21 – Creative Challenge

Today, we are taking a moment to explore the natural world around us and use our backyard or park finds to create a temporary nature collage! 

First, listen to or read the information below 

Next, take a moment to explore your backyard or a local park bringing the “Backyard Scavenger Hunt” list with you 

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Then, try to find as many of the items on the “Backyard Scavenger Hunt” list as possible and add anything you find interesting to your collection. 

Finallyarrange the items you have collected to form a temporary collage. We have provided you with some images for inspiration, remember there is no right or wrong way to arrange your collection.  

If you can, take some images of your creation before you return the items back to nature or take home with you. 

Don’t forget to try to find different colours, textures, and natural items as you can. 

Challenge: you might like to try and create patterns based on colour or symmetry. 

Work sample to upload to OneNote: Image of your temporary collage. 

Tuesday 27/07/2021 – Maths

Goal: I can solve problems using multiplication

Use the links below to find the page with the strategy that you are working on . This should be the same strategy that you practised yesterday with the teacher in your small group. Remember to watch the videos to make sure that you know how to use and record the strategy correctly, and show all of your working out in your maths book.


Welcome to Monday

Hi 3/4s, welcome to Monday. How was your weekend? Did you have a family movie night, take the dog for a walk or bake a cake? Whatever you did we trust you relaxed, spent time with your family and are ready for another week of learning.

We’ve made some changes to the small groups this week. On Tuesday your focus will be on maths, Wednesday reading and Thursday will be writing. So come prepared with the appropriate work book. Your updated timetables have been emailed to your parents and carers plus you can find them here on the blog: Webex timetables.

You can access the timetables and links for specialist Webex classes here as well: Specialist Webex

You teacher will go through this with you at Monday morning’s whole class get together at 9:00am. You’ll also notice there are now set times for Italian, P.E. and the Arts.


  • All students are to join their whole class Webex meeting at 9am.
  • All students are to join their small group Webex meeting.
  • Click here to check the time for your Webex groups for this week. If you can’t join the group at that time, please let your teacher know!
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm, your teacher’s Webex room will be open if you want to pop in to ask a question or simply for a chat.

Scroll down below for today’s lessons. Again, once you’ve finished your lessons you may want to check out:

Finally, always remember to get off your comfy chair throughout the day and move around. Anything can be used for exercise.