Friday 29/10/21 – Friday Fun

At the end of a busy week of work, it is time for Friday Fun!

Friday Fun about using all your skills, ideas and creative thinking in an enjoyable way.

We have a suggested activity for you below, but we also know that sometimes you might not have the right materials available, or you may be feeling inspired to create something different. Use your imagination and go for it!

Here are some guidelines for Friday Fun:

  • Avoid screens: you have had so much time all week working online, and we know many of you play games on devices in your free time as well. Friday Fun is a chance to get offline and into the real world.
  • Use what you have: you might have the items for the suggested activity, or adapt or change it based on what you’ve got at home. You might have some other things at home that you have been excited to use (a new lego set, some water colour paints, a fantastic cardboard box that you could turn into anything).
  • You might like to create alone or collaboratively: sometimes it’s nice to take some time to just work on something on your own, and other times you might want to ask a family member to join you. You might even like to connect with a friend, classmate or relative virtually – have them on screen nearby while you work on something off the screen.
  • Have fun: this is a great time to focus on things that you enjoy!

Your teachers would love to see a picture of what you create in OneNote!

Here is today’s suggested Friday Fun activity:

Watch and listen to the book ‘Not A Box’, By Antoinette Portis.

Microsoft Stream

If you have a box at home, you then might like to create your idea, or create one of the ideas from the book. Have a look below for some ideas!

Friday 29/10/21 – Mindfulness

Learning Goal: I can practice mindfulness.

Very simply, mindfulness is a way of thinking. It’s training your brain to pay attention and focus. It’s learning to direct your attention to what is happening in your present experience, including your mind, body, and environment.

We’ve had a very active week this week as we’ve begun the move from home learning to on site learning. You might find it helpful to take a moment and engage in some relaxing mindfulness activities.

First, some thinking for you – What activities do I enjoy and love to do?

Next, take some time to colour, read or simply spend time in your favourite space in your home. As you do so think about all of the things you are enjoying in that moment. It may be picking the colours as you colour in, the movement of the pencil across the page. It could be curling up with a new book, or picking an old favourite. A book where the characters or events in the story are new and exciting, or as familiar as your own family. Or it could simply be sitting in your favourite comfy chair, wrapped in your cosiest blanket, as the sun streams through your window.

Either way relax into the moment and just pay attention to what is happening in your present experience. The thoughts in your mind, the sensations in your body, and the sounds and movements in your environment. All the while just let your breath simply flow in, and then out, in, then out.

Finally, if you are looking for some follow up mindfulness activities, don’t forget you can always go back over previous postings on the3/4 blog:

Or check out the following pages on the MPPS mindfulness blog:

Friday 29/10/21 – Physical Activity

To finish the day, and week, don’t forget to move around.

For example, you may want to play the Wall Ball ChallengeHow many times can you throw a ball against a wall and catch it in 60 seconds? In 5 minutes? In 10 minutes? You must stand two steps away from the wall. If you drop the ball, carry on counting your score from where you left off. If you have a partner, throw and catch the ball against the wall.

If you do not have a ball, use a rolled up pair of socks.

The 3/4 Daily Physical Activity page also has a list of great activities for you to choose from, and Stef has a lot of  activities and previous lessons on her blog you can revisit.


Morning 3/4s, it was really good to see all of your on site, in your classrooms yesterday.

Your lessons for today are:

Make sure you upload your reading, writing and maths to OneNote. You can also add other images and work from the other lessons. If you don’t know how, read the instructions on this blog page, or check with your teacher.

Thursday 28/10/21 – Reading

Learning Goal: I can make thoughtful predictions about a text.

First, look at this image of the book cover and make a prediction about what you think this book is about.                                                           When making your prediction look at:

  • The words
  • The title
  • Illustrations
  • Any  text to text, or text to world connections you may already have on what you can see.

Write down: 

I predict this text is about …. because I can see that there is ….

My prior knowledge make me think this story will be all about …. because…

Next, read the book below ‘Big Red Kangaroo’ by Claire Saxby

Then, answer the following questions providing evidence from the text.

  • Who is in Red’s mob?
  • What does Red do to warn the young male kangaroo when he comes close to Red’s mob?
  • Which predator does Red need to be wary of and why?
  • Why does Red challenge the other kangaroo and how does he do this?

Finally, answer the following questions.

  • Was your prediction about the book accurate? Provide evidence from the text.
  • What is something new that you now understand about how kangaroo’s behave?
  • How might this new information change predictions you make in the future?

Don’t forget to do some personal reading for 20 minutes.

Upload to OneNote your prediction and the answers to your questions.

Thursday 28/10/21 – Writing

Learning Goal:

  • I can retell a story.
  • I can write a story.
  • I can write a script.

Today, while there are three learning goals, you will only need to work on e, depending on the writing response you choose.

First, watch the short film below:

Next, either:

  • Write a retell of the story in the film. A retell is when yotell the story you just watched as if you were telling it to someone who had never seen it.
  • Write story inspired by the film. Use the ideas in the film or your response to the story to come up with your own story.
  • Write a script. Although the film has some music and sounds it has no dialogue. Can you come up with a script of what the dialogue may have been? You don’t need to write a script for the whole story, you may choose a particular scene.

A script contains mainly dialogue and some simple, to the point, sentences describing the actions. The action is normally placed inside of brackets. A script also doesn’t explain emotions, feelings or a character’s reasons for doing something. For example the script when the man first meets the old woman could have looked like this:

       (Man looks down and sees someone holding his arm.)

       Man: Hey, what! What are you doing?

       Old woman: Oh look, it‘s green. Time to go sweetie.

       (Old woman starts to cross the road, pulling the man with her.)

       Man: Hey wait, stop! Let go of me!

       Old woman: We best hurry sweetie, it’s going to turn red soon.

Finally, don’t forget to share what you write with your teacher via OneNote.

Thursday 28/10/21 – Science

Learning Goal: I can conduct an investigation.

First, we know STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

We understand when we work on science investigations we often need other skills such as technology, engineering, art and maths.

For today’s STEAM activities you will need to use think like an engineer.

“Scientists investigate what is; they discover new knowledge in the universe by peering into the unknown. Engineers design and create what has never existed before.”

Next, choose one of the investigations below:

Task PDF
Leaning Tower of Pasta

Have you ever wondered how really tall buildings don’t fall down when wind hits them? Engineers work with architects and scientists to understand what makes materials break, and then use what they learn to design strong structures. Today, you will have the opportunity to figure out how to make a strong structure.

Leaning Tower of Pasta
Invent a Backscratcher

Being able to recognize a problem and design a potential solution is the first step in the creating new and useful products. In this activity, you will create devices to scratch an itch you can’t reach.

Invent a Backscratcher
Static Cling

In this hands-on activity, you will explore the phenomenon of static electricity.

Static Cling

Then, if you are interested, and have time, you might like to do the other investigations.

Finally, don’t forget to record any notes, results, images or understandings onto your OneNote.

Thursday 28/10/21 – Mindfulness

Mental Health Matters Your Mind Matters GIF - Mental Health Matters Your Mind Matters Brain - Discover & Share GIFs

Learning Goal: I can practice mindfulness. 

Today we’d like you to practice 5 short mindful activities. You may find it helpful to do them in the order presented.

First, set a timer for one minute (could be a digital timer or a sand timer). Sit in a comfortable position and for 1 minute feel your breath move in and out of your body.

Next, put your hand in front of your nose, sideways with your thumb resting against your nose. You close your eyes, say ‘shhh’ and do the 5s’s- sit up straight, sit still, soft breathing and eyes shut.

Then, standing up, tense your whole body, making your hands up into a fist, tighten your legs straight and arms down. Feel the tension in your body and release it, wiggle it out, what do you notice? Repeat.

Next, for about a minute run on the spot, jump or hop. Put your hand on your chest afterwards, can you feel your heart beating? What do you notice?

Finally, for your next snack or meal, try to close your eyes and bring a piece of food to your nose, in your hand or on a fork or spoon. What do you notice?

Thursday 28/10/21 – Creative Challenge

Learning Goal: I can make a toy camera.

Last Monday was Toy Camera Day. Today you will get to make your own toy camera.

First, you will need some of the following:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Bottle top, plastic lid of a spray can
  • Glue
  • Small box (for example a mini cereal box)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap, coloured paper or cardboard
  • Tape
  • Ribbon


  1. Cut a 2-inch section from a cardboard tube and glue it to the center of the box to make a camera lens.
  2. Decorate the camera and camera lens.
  3. Cut a small rectangular hole above the lens on the front of the box. Then cut out a rectangular hole in the same spot on the back of the box to create a viewfinder.
  4. Tape clear plastic wrap over the two holes to cover.
  5. On the sides of the box, glue the ends of a ribbon long enough to use as a shoulder strap.

Finally, these instructions will help you create the simple camera in the picture above. Use your imagination and come up with your own design. Below are some images you could use as inspirations.

Don’t forget to share your picture with your teacher via OneNote.

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