Reading – Monday 31/05/21

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Goal: I can track my thoughts as I read.

Read a short story from your collection of books at home. If you don’t have a short story spend twenty minutes reading your chapter book.

First, while reading track your thoughts as you go. You can do this with sticky notes stuck to the page you are reading, or write your thoughts straight into an exercise book.

You might include your thoughts about one or more of the following:

  • A prediction
  • A question you are wondering about
  • A connection you can make
  • An inference about the character or story

Next, draw a visualisation of a scene in the story and try to include all the details that you can picture in your mind.

Finally, write a short summary of what the story was about!

Writing – Monday 31/05/21

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Goal: I can plan and draft a short story.

In class we have been looking at the writing process. We’ve created seeds, then planned, drafted and edited a short story.

Today plan and draft a short story.

First, plan your story. Don’t forget to include a list of characters and settings. Also jot down some notes on the beginningbuild-upproblemresolution/conclusion.

Next, write your draft. Remember to make your writing interesting and think about your word choice. You may also want to think about other strategies you may know such as a sizzling start or show not tell.

You may want to use your own idea for your story or one of the following word prompts or pictures:

  • Look what I found in my Grandparent’s secret cupboard.
  • It was the strangest experience I ever had.
  • The secret world at the bottom of the garden.

Maths – Monday 31/05/21

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Goal: I can practise skip counting.

First, choose a skip counting pattern you are going to practise.

Next, set a timer for 1 minute.

Then, write it in your exercise book, or you could colour in the sequence on the chart. You can visit if you would like to use an online hundreds chart.

As a challenge you may want repeat the exercise trying to beat your previous attempt for how far you can count in 1 minute. 

Remember to focus on the final digit pattern to make your counting more efficient!

Mindfulness – Monday 31/05/21

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Goal: I can practice mindfulness.

Very simply, mindfulness is a way of thinking. It’s training your brain to pay attention and focus. It’s learning to direct your attention to what is happening in your present experience, including your mind, body, and environment.

First, some thinking for you – What activities do I enjoy and love to do? 

Next, take some time to colour, read or simply spend time in your favourite space in your home. As you do so think about all of the things you are enjoying in that moment. It may be picking the colours as you colour in, the movement of the pencil across the page. It could be curling up with a new book, or picking an old favourite. A book where the characters or events in the story are new and exciting, or as familiar as your own family. Or it could simply be sitting in your favourite comfy chair, wrapped in your cosiest blanket, as the sun streams through your window.

Either way relax into the moment and just pay attention to what is happening in your present experience. The thoughts in your mind, the sensations in your body, and the sounds and movements in your environment. All the while just let your breath simply flow in, and then out, in, then out.

Finally, if you are looking for some follow up mindfulness activities, check out the following pages on the MPPS mindfulness blog:

Hi 3/4s, we will have learning tasks for you here on Monday.


  • 9:00am – 10:00am – All students are to join their class Webex meeting.
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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

  • All students are to join their small group Webex meeting. If you can’t join the group at that time, please let your teacher know!
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Meanwhile, have a relaxing weekend and don’t forget to take a moment to dance.

Friday Fun Day!

Hi 3/4s!

Welcome to the Year 3/4 blog. This is where you will find your learning tasks each day while we are in remote and flexible learning.

Well today your task is this… have a fun Friday!

There is no school work for students today. We encourage you to spend this day doing something fun or relaxing. Think of ways that you can show care to your family today.

We will have learning tasks for you here on Monday. Your grown ups will be sent all of the information about Webex times, and learning activities on Friday afternoon.

We miss you and can’t wait to see you all on Webex next week!