Research Sites for Kids

  1. BrainPop–with the BrainPop characters, a launch pad to curiosity
  2. Cool Kid Facts–kid-friendly videos, pictures, info, and quizzes–all 100% suitable for children
  3. Dimensions–academic research geared for college-level
  4. Fact Monster–help with homework and facts
  5. Google Earth Timelapse–what changes to the planet over time
  6. Google Trends–what’s trending in searches
  7. History Channel–great speeches
  8. How Stuff Works–the gold standard in explaining stuff to kids
  9. Info Please–events catalogued year-by-year
  10. Library Spot–extensive collection of kid’s research tools
  11. National Geographic for Kids
  12. Ngram Viewer–analyses all words in all books on Google Books
  13. SqoolTube Videos–educational videos for preK-12
  14. Tag Galaxy–search using a cloud
  15. Wild Wordsmyth–picture dictionary for kids
  16. World Book–requires membership
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