Remote Learning 5.0

Hello to my amazing 3/4 A students! I miss you already.

Our learning tasks will be on the 3/4 Team blog again:

I will see you in Webex today – you can join anytime between 12:00 and 1:30pm – just to say hi and check in about how you are going.

If you can’t join today that’s fine! It would be great if your parents could send me an email or message, or give me a call, just so I can check in with each and every one of you!

Don’t forget that for today it is Nicole’s Webex room:

Can’t wait to see you soon



First.. Read through the persuasive letters from the crayons!

crayon persuasive letters

Next… Which do you think is most persuasive and why? Write a summary of this text in your book.

Explain what their opinion is and the reasons they give. You might also write about the tone (angry, pleading, calm, desperate, etc.) and how their word choice, sentence fluency, organisation and ideas help to make it a persuasive letter.

Then… choose one crayon and write a letter back to that crayon responding to their letter. What do you think Duncan might say if he wrote a letter back to the crayon?