Extra Activities

So, you’ve finished all your work for the day and you’d like something more?

Have a go at these!




Collect 6 containers of different sizes. Put them in order from which one you think would hold the most water to the least. Check by pouring water into each one and measuring it. How close were you?




Re-write an ending

Listen to King Pig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMUY-6y4qMs

After you have watched it, re-write the ending of the story. It can be anything you want!




Interesting words

Choose 5 interesting words from your independent reading. Can you put those words in a sentence?





Create a comic strip.


Classroom Cleaner

Design a machine that can clean our classroom. Create a poster to try and convince Matt Bott to buy it!





Word Tally

Read through a page of your own writing. Underline nouns in blue, verbs in red and adjectives in yellow. Tally how many of each word.


Extension: Turn your tally into a graph.





Finding Angles (Challenge Task)

We have learnt about 3 types of angles in maths this year:

  • Right angles
  • Less than a right angle (acute)
  • Bigger than a right angle (obtuse)

Task: Find 10 angles around your house and take a photo of them. Discuss the different type of angles you have photographed with a family member.




The Magic number is 47

Write at least 2 different word problems where the answer is 47.




Persuade your Teacher

Write a persuasive letter and convince your teacher about getting a class pet!



Place Value

Make a list of all the four digit numbers you can make using these digits. 7, 1, 3, 6 How many did you make? Can you expand and rename those numbers? Do the same again with these digits 0, 5, 8, 9


Expanded Form





Animal Mania

Choose 10 animals. Using the internet or books, find interesting facts about the animals. Remember… Facts are things that can be proven to be true.



Word Search

Make a word search with the names of all the people in your family. Can you then make a word search of everyone in your class?




Make a list of words from A to Z.


A- Apricot

B -Baseball

C -Characters


What Would You Buy?

You have $100 to spend. Find items in magazines and catalogues that you would like to buy. How many items could you buy?



Write Me a Letter

Write a letter to your friend or teacher about the book you are reading.




Mad Inventor

Design a new invention. Draw a labelled diagram.

Extension: find some scrap materials around your house to design a prototype of your invention.





Use newspaper or magazine cuttings to create a collage.



Make Your Own Character

Invent a new character of a book you are reading. Draw your character.

Extension: Re-write the book you have been reading and add your character into the story.




Find My Treasure

Draw a treasure map and write some directions to the treasure.







Some of our older activities:

Story Writing

Write a story about what you might find inside this tunnel.




Fix the mistakes in the passage. Re-write the passage using correct punctuation and grammar.


Once up on a time, there was a groop of friends who where walking threw the bush. Thay had walked and walked for hours and were starting to get verry sleepy?

All off a sudden one of the boys saw a light comming from behind the trees. They started to walk in that direction when, they noticed somethink strange.

“What is that, tom asked.

None of the boyz new what thay were loking at. It was the strangst thing they had eva seen,

It looked a, little bit like a spaceship but it was bright orannge and covered in grasse.

Slowly tha boys started to back away and ran as they, saw a strange crature emerge from the top.

There hearts raced as thay ran bak threw the bush. They sprinted untill they got home. Whateva that thingg was, they had lernt there lesson to never go wondering back into the bush!



Write a Song

Choose an animal. Write a short song about that animal.




Friendship Cook Book

What makes someone a good friend? Write a recipe for friendship.



Money Tree

What would happen if money grew on trees? Explore the positives and negatives if it actually did.

Positives Negatives



BTN News

BTN stands for Behind The News. It is a website that explains things that are happening in the news in a simple way for kids to understand. There are many videos on all sorts of subjects.

Go to the BTN site and watch a video about something you are interested in. Then write a summary of what you learnt.





Read a book and draw a picture of what you were visualising in your head.







Maths Brainteasers


Buzz Words blank grid

Print it out and cut it out carefully.

Can you put it back together?

Now try and make some of these shapes using all the parts. 

If you’re having trouble making the shapes, you can have a look at some solutions here:Tangram solutions PDF download



Number Hunt

Go on a hunt around your house- find as many different numbers as you can in 10 minutes.

Try to keep a tally of all the numbers you found.

Which number appeared most?

Which numbers appeared least?

Extension-can you add together all the numbers you found?

Life sized number line

Go outside to the footpath and make a numberline out the front of your house. Stary at zero and space out your numbers evenly.

What number did your numberline go to?

Ask someone to give you an adding or take-away problem to solve using your number line

Target toss tally & graphing

Print out this target or make one of your own

target-PDF Download

Put it on the ground and coin/ counter or toss a rolled up sock at it 20 times.

Keep a tally of how many times it lands on each colour.

How many  times did it land on blue?

How many times did it land on yellow?

How many times did it land on red?

Which colour did it land on the most?

Which colour did it land on the least?

Extension- could you turn your data into a column graph?



Last year our 1-2s wrote a bunch of instructions for things you could do or make. Check them out on this page:

Have a Go!



Hungry Caterpillar

First, read The hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Animated Film

Next, find some small green leaves in the yard (Can you find something red to make the head?)

Then, create a caterpillar out of your leaves.


The Dot

First, read the story ‘The Dot’

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds | Read aloud Book for kids

Next, find a piece of paper and draw a dot in the middle of the page It might be big, it might be small.

Then, turn your dot into a piece of art. See where your dot will take you.

Koala Lou tree

First, read ‘Koala Lou’

Koala Lou by Mem Fox

Next, design or create a tree for Koala Lou. You could draw it or make it out of materials like Lego, paper cups, cans or boxes.