Year 3/4 Week 4 Term 4 Remote Learning 6.0

Before you start, don’t forget to talk to your parents or carers before completing this lesson to ensure it is safe.

Listen to Stef read out the instructions:

Learning goal: I can continue to identify and practice different skills required to play AFL

 First: Warm up – Footwork and agility practice


1 x AFL or round ball (pair of socks, roll of toilet paper)

Different household items to create hurdles or mark out a ladder-stuffed toys, bottles, chalk

How to play:

  • set up small hurdles (stuffed toys) and mark out a ladder the household items
  • holding the ball in your hands, practice moving sideways over the hurdles to the right and left and then fast feet through the ladder
  • start off slow and then build pass if you like
  • try this 20 times

Then: 3 steps kick- You can either play with a family member or into open space


  • AFL ball

How to play:

  • either playing with a family member or kicking into space
  • stepping with your non kicking leg first, take 3 steps before kicking the ball
  • practice 10 kicks on both legs
  • level 1-walking 3 steps and then drop punt kick
  • level 2-jogging 3 steps and then drop punt kick

Next: Ball Bounce


  • AFL ball

How to play:

Click on the link to download how to bounce a football

  • Start at level 1 and then choose to stay at this level or level up to the next level
  • Level 1-kneeling on your knees practice bouncing the AFL ball
  • Level 2 standing up and bouncing the AFL ball
  • Level 3 walking and bouncing the ball
  • Level 4 jogging and bouncing the ball

 Next: Goalkicking- this game is best played in the backyard or at the park

Pretend you are Dusty Martin or Libby Birch and see how many goals you can kick!

Focus on:

  • Hold the ball in both hands
  • Eyes on the ball
  • Step forward onto non-kicking leg
  • Bend kicking leg back
  • Drop ball onto kicking leg with one hand
  • Follow through with foot pointing to the target


  • 1 x round or AFL ball (rolled up socks, roll of toilet paper, stuffed toy)
  • Set of AFL goal posts or 4 x cones (stuffed toy) used to mark your goals
  • 1 x extra cone to mark where you will stand

How to play:

  1. Set up your AFL goals-You can use the cones (stuffed toys) to mark your goal posts. If you are playing at a park that has goal posts than this part is already done for you.
  2. You can decide how far apart you would like the goals to be. Here is a picture to help you

  1. Set up where you are going to punt kick from
  2. Now punt kick for goal from different distances and angles.
  3. Once you have punt kicked the ball, go and get the ball and repeat.
  4. You can change the angle and distance as often as you want
  5. Repeat 10 times on your preferred leg and 10 times on your non-preferred leg

Then: Email Stef a video or picture of you completing one or all of the activities


Complete the Kahootz quiz- Game PIN: 04280153

I am looking forward to seeing your videos or photos


Enjoy and good luck! 😊