Design and create an ocean habitat


What might fish, octopus, turtles, clams, crabs, jellyfish, seals, dolphins, sharks and other ocean creatures need to be safe and healthy?

Ocean creatures need to have shelter, food to eat, and clean seawater in which to live. Your task is to imagine what their sustainable habitat might look like.

You can write and draw, record and video, or design and make a model of the sustainable ocean habitat, accompanied by a text about what your chosen ocean creature might need, now and in the future, to grow and survive in the ocean.

Remember, some ocean creatures like to swim in the ocean, others live in rock pools, and some live in seagrass meadows, while others live in reefs in the ocean.

You might like to read a Torres Strait Islander story about ‘Dhyum the Dugong’ or view images  that features a range of ocean creatures before deciding which ocean creatures to include in your ocean habitat.

Did you know that the largest threat to the two species of manta ray, the giant manta (Manta birostris) and reef manta (Manta alfredi) is the destruction of their habitat due to pollution and fishing?


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