Responsible fishing


People go fishing for many different reasons eg. food, enjoyment, work, and income.

Your challenge is to design a game to educate others about responsible fishing. Did you know that people can make sure they fish responsibly by:

  • taking only what is needed;
  • catching and releasing their fish if they have enough for a meal;
  • making sure they don’t keep undersized fish;
  • if unsure of the fish species or size, releasing the fish immediately, removing fish from the hook or net immediately and killing it humanely if keeping it;
  • cleaning up all fishing gear (eg. discarded tackle and line, and bait bags), and taking these items back to shore to dispose of properly;
  • placing other people’s discarded fishing gear and litter in bins;
  • abiding by the fisheries regulations in the state they live in;
  • reporting any suspected illegal fishing activity; and
  • reporting fishing breaches to the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017

Check out one type of fishing game and then experiment with your game design ideas, troubleshoot the design challenge, flow chart your ideas, document your process, and design a solution.


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