Family Fun Projects

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The organisers of National Science Week have created a teaching resource book which covers a broad range of areas in food production and sustainable agriculture, enabling students to explore topics such as biosecurity, food technology and laboratory-developed foods.

While providing suggestions for classroom and science fair activities, this can also be used at home. Below is a list of suitable family activities and the page number where you will find further details in the booklet. Open up the booklet and explore.

(Also, for some family indoor gardening ideas check out Grow a Windowsill Jungle)

  • Happy lunch making (page 22)
  • Design and create a salad to go (page 24)
  • From paddock to plate (page 25)
  • Let’s mix and make (page 26)
  • Food is nourishment (page 27)
  • Design a cheese platter (page 17)
  • Design a vegie snack (page 21)
  • Design and make soups (page 37)
  • Making mince fabulous (page 39)
  • Design your own tea party (page 41)
  • Melting, freezing, heating and cooling using yoghurt (page 42)
  • Design and make a long-handled fishing net to catch fish (page 58)
  • Design and make a water filter (page 59)
  • Design and make a ‘Jar of Wonder’ (page 32)
  • Design a pizza party (page 36)
  • Design a pasta dish that everyone will love (page 52)
  • Design a nutritional chart showing nutrition in food and foods that people are intolerant or allergic to (page 55)
  • Food production systems (page 76)
  • Fertilisers (page 77)
  • Sustainability in food production (page 278)
  • Plant perfect (page 80)
  • Design a pollen trap (page 81)
  • GM (page 83)
  • Design a bug-based burger (page 67)
  • It is easy eating green (page 75)


(Copyright: Australian Science Teachers Association 2021, except where indicated otherwise. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International licence.)