MPPS S.R.C- who are we?

The  S.R.C are a group of students from all age groups  who have been chosen to represent MPPS and have dedicated their time to helping the school community.

A few examples of what we do include running fundraisers, collecting and representing ideas from the students, running clubs and making changes to our school that improve safety (e.g a better playground). We have meetings every Wednesday to discuss important matters concerning our school and ideas put forth by the students. Once those ideas have been approved by the S.R.C they go to the school council where parents and teachers consider turning the ideas into a reality. After every meeting we elect somebody from the S.R.C who then writes a report on what we achieved and what we will discuss the following week. These then get read out at the assembly as well as being posted to this blog.

This year the S.R.C. have made a vision statement that shows our commitment and dedication to MPPS. Here it is:


Moonee Ponds Primary School –  S.R.C Vision Statement

 It is the vision for the MPPS S.R.C to develop responsible leadership skills, to help represent students in communication between all members of the school community and to lead students in being global citizens. We are determined to use all opportunities to work strategically, collaboratively and courageously to inspire students to contribute to positive change in our community and the larger communities in which we live.

S.R.C,  2014

Here are our representatives:

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