Matt’s Crazy Haircut

Hey everyone! After our successful term one fundraiser for Live For Lily, Matt has been growing his hair just waiting for his crazy hair cut! The initial plan was to shave it, but the kids at MPPS had some great ideas for a fun hairstyle. Watch the video below to see our school captains Hamish and Lily giving him his brand new hairstyle! Thanks to everyone who contributed and to Matt for being such a good sport.

You can use this link to watch the video (you will need to log in using your office365 log in details):



Sports Dress Up Day

On Friday the 13th of September, MPPS will be holding a Sports Dress Up Day!

We want to celebrate the importance of living a healthy, and active lifestyle.

Make sure to come dressed in sports gear. Some ideas are:

  • Favourite sports team colours
  • Sports uniform (a team that you may play in)
  • Team mascot
  • Fitness and exercise clothes

We are raising funds for The Heart Foundation. So be sure to bring a gold coin donation!

Meet our SRC Representatives!

Here are the SRC Representatives for 2019.

1/2 A- Xavi Ferraro & Pearl Salter

1/2 B- Chloe Rizzas & Oliver Viljion

1/2 C- Jemima McClelland & Louise Nightingale

1/2 D- Allegra Petale & Declan McDowell

1/2 E- Charlotte Rawther & Andy Bhandula

1/2 F- Quinn Tudor & Amber Christov

3/4 A- Gracie Senior & Miles Appleton

3/4 B- Chloe Italia & Michaela Xenoyiannakis

3/4 C- Isla Smith & Ruben Christov

3/4 D- Indiana Griffiths & Evan Roubos

5/6 A- Joel Simmons & Erika Digney

5/6 B- Liv Talko & Dalia Scadionie

5/6 C- Tilly Baker & Gianni Vittorino


School Captains:

  • Mariana Galanopoulos
  • Hamish Culter
  • Sophie Aldridge
  • Charlotte Ristig



There is going to be another fundraiser this term. It is going to be a WWF adopt an animal SRC Fundraiser. The day it is going to be on is Friday the 21st of June. Please dress up as one of these animals:

  • Panda
  • Leopard
  • Koala
  • Tiger
  • Orangutan
  • Elephant
  • Sea turtle

There will be a gold coin donation for dressing up and there will also be a colouring competition. It is $1 per sheet. There will be prices for the winners.

Welcome to SRC 2019

Welcome to the SRC blog for 2019. Throughout the year we will be posting on this blog about what we’re doing and what is coming up. In SRC we want to improve the school and make it a better learning environment.

This year we have three clubs. There is the blog committee who look after the SRC blog, the noticeboard committee who look after the noticeboard in the office area and finally the fundraising committee who run and come up with ideas for different fundraisers.

We hope you enjoy the SRC blog and can keep up to date on SRC at MPPS.

2018 Clubs

Every year we create clubs that are on every tuesday lunch time for the next 3 tuesdays. This years clubs are: Table Tennis for 5/6s, Art club for 3/4s and  Movie Club for 1/2s. Please consult your classroom SRC Representatives to join.

Thank You

Pyjama Day

Hi everyone, SRC is holding a Pyjama Day! On Friday the 27th of July. It’s a SRC fundraiser the school will be going to raising money for Foster care. There is going to be a teddy bear dress up competition were you dress up your bear. To enter you need to have a gold coin donation for the teddy bear competition and a gold coin to come to school in your Pyjamas. Don’t forget to dress warmly.







2018 SRC Members

Hi everyone!

Here are the members of the Student Representative Council for 2018.


Ram Malik

Hannah Ristig



Avery Hutchison


Oscar Dodds

Ivy Delaney


Maeve Darwin-Holthzuyen

Kerry Qiu


Sophie Miradakis


Henri Davies


Isabella Whitehouse

Annie Nightingale


Will Griffiths

Anna Dona-doni


Hamish Keenan

Audrey Cartwright


Olivia Groppi

Nadya Goonetilleke


Charlotte Ristig

Joel Simmons


Archie MacGregor

Mariana Galanopoulos


Aaliyah Malik

Igor Kargopoltsev


Zedekai Di Florio-Pulis

Alexia Kyriacou