Term 4, Week 1: Writing 05/10

LG: I can write a fictional recount.

We just had two weeks of school holidays. I know lots of people like to go away, visit friends, go to the movies or have play dates. This school holidays were a little different. So today we are going to recount about our holidays…with a twist!

Imagine you could have travelled anywhere during the school holidays! You are going to write a fictional recount telling your teacher about the best school holidays you ever had…but you have to make it up! Time to get creative!

First…answer these questions to help you plan. Remember this is a fictional recount, so you can do or go anywhere you like!






Next…start to write your recount. Below is an example.

Then…check your writing for the following things::

  • Use upper and lower case letters correctly
  • Neat handwriting
  • Punctuation – full stops, exclamation and question marks talking marks if people are speaking.
  • Spelling – check common words and think carefully about unknown words
  • Paragraphs to break up your writing

Now…if you can publish your story and post it on the Class Notebook.

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  1. ambre coruble
    October 5, 2020 at 4:18 pm (7 months ago)

    on the holidays I went to france I saw my grandma we laughed and we talked it was almost night when I went for a walk with her we went up the street and back when suddenly I saw a black and white kitten on the road so I went to pick it up and then I took it home on the way back dad saw us and told us to hide the cat from mum because she hated cats and I f I went in with it then she would kick me out to the streets so I hid it the next day the cat was gone I looked outside and mum was selling the cat I stopped her and told her not too and she said that she was only trying to get food for the poor kitten the end


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