Term 4 Week 1: Maths 08/10

Today you will do a maths lesson with your teacher in your small group. Come prepared with your maths book and pencil!

While you are waiting, or after your group, if you have some time, why not play another game of capture the array?

Today you are going to be playing a game. Make sure you have all the materials below :


Watch the video to see the game in action


Start playing the game in your maths grid book.

Remember the aim of the game is to cover your whole page in arrays, and you only have 10 turns to try to do this. Your first roll tells you how many rows you have, the second roll tells you how many are in each row. Then record your array in your book just like in the video.

Once you have completed your 10 turns, see how much of your page you have filled with arrays.

Then, if you’re up for it, you might like to see how many turns it takes for you to fill your whole page!

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