Term 2, Week 6 – Student’s work

Monday Henry – Science Tower

Cohen – Science Tower

Minthaka – Science Tower


Tuesday Cat and the dog

One day a cat was walking in the streets.  Suddenly out of nowhere, a dog started chasing the cat.  Straight away, the cat stopped and the dog hit the cat and was flung up into the air.  Dumbly the cat tried to catch the dog when it was in the air.  The dog wasn’t that high though and he tried to get out of the way…


Shockingly, the dog fell in front of the cat.  The cat did CPR on him!  Suddenly the dog got up and growled at the cat.  Desperately, the dog started sniffing all over the cat.  The dog didn’t like the cat’s smell.  He only liked sniffing stuff, food and walks.  Soon the dog was trying to look for food because the cat didn’t have any.  Smartly, the cat tipped over the bin and there was a lot of meat in it.


Ferociously the dog stuffed his face in the food and ate it.  Surprisingly, the dog thought the cat finally wasn’t ferocious!  The cat thought the dog finally isn’t chasing me!  Unusually the cat and the dog actually liked each other!  Soon they became friends.


The end. (Cohen Talko)



Avery’s information report

Stefan’s Skittles Experiment

Ky Lam’s Biography